No Road Romance

Title: No Road Romance - The Who

Size: 27cm x 22cm approx

Materials: High pigment watercolour ink on St Cuthberst Mill Bockingford Rough watercolour paper.

Description: Painting deliberately made to look like an expired Polaroid photo, with the same dimensions, this is 2.5 times the size. A series of trial and error experiements to get the bleached expired vintage look,and deliberately aged with creases and rusty like markings, 'hand' written note to mimic something from a scrap book, old photo album or box under the bed of precious memories.

I remember my very cool funny uncle coming back from the army with a Polaroid camera when I was about 7 years old, I was mesmerised! Then recently I came across a series of old polaroid shots on Pinterest and it set my cogs whirling for a huge painting, maybe 20x the size as of polaroid....alas I couldn't find a ready made canvas to do one on, so resorted to paper...then one thing lead to another, painting at a size that will fit my scanner then reducing to take them back to polaroid size sprung to mind, so thats what I have done! Now available as cards on my Etsy shop £5.50 free shipping to usual UK postcards.

I have another 3 or 4 ideas in my head but would love to make it a minimum of 9 as a purely self indulgent project in a way; as 3 x 3 of these 'polaroids' mounted and framed together would be seriously great on my living room wall! May even offer them for sale as 'polaroids' as sets of 3, 6, 9 etc. So I guess these are a set of very personal images for a variety or reasons, they are excellent fun, and somewhere in the future I'd love to supersize one, maybe on board!