About Me

Polyamorous artist (loves a huge variety of genres to paint) Nikki Morris, a Junction 36, South Yorkshire, England, based artist and I have painted all my life, much of which is self taught. I have painted a massive variety of subjects from Burlesque and Surrealism to Dog Portraits and Alice in Wonderland, a gallery full of them can be seen here....all I have loved painting, and all have played a part in journeying me to where I am as an artist now.

At college I studied Industrial Design obtaining distinction. My working life encompassed designing museum interactives for children and I have work throughout the country. As a teacher of both art and design for many years, I have worked with many social groups from college students, adult learners to homeless people, people with mental health difficulties/dementia and children, in both studio and residential settings.

Throughout my working life until 2004, with the birth of my magical son, I exhibited locally and through Cooper Gallery in Barnsley and undertook a wide variety of projects and subject matter. My work was extensively collected at the gallery and I have sold many pieces through commissions all over the world. My first solo exhibition was in 2009 at The Hive Gallery, sadly now closed. For the past few years I have been predominantly selling my work through Ebay, covering again, a wide variety of subjects enabling me to work from home and meet my sons needs too.

My relatively recent burning passion for Northern Soul music (that I never even knew was out there), subsequently the dancing, and the wonderful people has taken over my painting since June 2015 after falling head over heels inlove with Northern Soul music in October 2014.....THE best thing thats happened to me in many a year! All of my paintings are original concepts, inspired by the music, the books and blogs I read, video footage, venues I visit, the people I meet and the photographs I find, that I then transform into my own unique take on the scene.

Now levelling up again, due to the constraints of the narrow genre and audience, diversifying to introduce new artwork of a wide variety of genres and reinventing previous genres I have painted of artwork, keeps me on my toes and hopefully offers lots more people something they would love to own. I still put my heart and soul into all I do, just more of a polyamorous artist, LOVING lots of arty genres! 

My artwork covering a diverse and eclectic range can be found on my website for Northern Soul and Mod, my 'Other Artwork'  website (only a small amount available there, but does offer a chance not to add what Etsy and Ebay charge me in fees), through eBay (usually starting at half retail price) and Etsy.

Currently trialling (June '17) a Pinterest Board 'Art for Sale by Nikki Morris' where I try to collate all artwork currently released for sale across all platforms in one place. Not sure how this will work out, but worth giving it a go!