It Keeps Raining

Title: It Keeps Raining - Fats Domino 1961

Size: 27cm x 22cm approx

Materials: High pigment watercolour ink, mixed media on St Cuthberts Mill Bockingford Rough watercolour paper.

Description: Painting deliberately made to look like an expired Polaroid photo, with the same dimensions, this is 2.5 times the size. A series of trial and error experiements to get the bleached expired vintage look,and deliberately aged with creases and rusty like markings, 'hand' written note to mimic something from a scrap book, old photo album or box under the bed of precious memories.

Vespa parked up at the infamous Barrowlands taken from the riders view. I actually started painting this idea over 12 months ago as a large acrylic, then bottled it, but now it lives! Part of my vintage Polaroid series of Remembered Imaginings (Musings Blog about them here).