Spring Rain//SOLD

Title: Spring Rain - Silvetti

Size: 12in x 10in 

Materials: Acrylic gouache, crackle paste on canvas board. Protected with several layers of Montana archival UV resistant varnish.

Again reflecting my love of the shoes...and a slightly serendipitous story, this song was mentioned on a blog I read about Cleethrorpes Pier....only the other day I played a cd I have had an age, 100 Disco Hits (adore 70s Disco nearly as much as Northern Soul) and heard a song I hadn't heard before but instantly loved. Anyway typed Spring Rain into You Tube to check it out, and a less long story is I already had it, that was preciesly the tune I had marked out on the CD...anyway back to the painting, a couple of chaps, possibly having a fag, possibly doing a deal maybe on the beach, a puddle left by the sea or maybe the Spring Rain reflecting Cleethorpes Pier as the sun goes down.