Open the Door to your Heart//SOLD

Open the Door to your Heart - Darrell Banks, Nikki Morris Northern Soul Art

Title: Open the Door to your Heart - Darrell Banks

Size: 14in x 18in 

Materials: Acrylic gouache, crackle paste on canvas board. Protected with several layers of Montana archival UV resistant varnish.

The Dansette was mentioned to me a while ago chatting to some lovely folk from Wigan over in Blackpool Soul Suite, intrigued I looked it up but it had not presented itself as part of a painting until now. I came across recently an article in the Independent about this song and the story is fascinating about it being a bit of a myth that it was ever released on the London label, but apparently it was revealed on Soul Source that indeed a copy did exist, that maybe a worker at the record label half inched it before they were all destroyed as they didn't own the copyright to it. I LOVE these stories!

So this painting has materialised in my brain since July, slowly steeping till it was ripe to paint and here it is! Lots of detail, and I think quite a joyous feeling of dancing around your livingroom...I usually tread the tiles of my kitchen, but no matter, this lass is hot footing it to this wonderful tune in her aubergine flares and Mary Janes, alongside the wonderfully textured record player playing THE rare Northern Soul find!