Ghost in my House//SOLD

There's a Ghost in my House - R.Dean Taylor, Nikki Morris, Northern Soul Art

Title: Ghost in my House - R.Dean Taylor

Size: 16in x 20in 

Materials: Acrylic gouache, crackle paste on canvas board. Protected with several layers of Montana archival UV resistant varnish.

Love this tune as it seems to be loved by both the MOD and Northern Soul genres. Thoroughly enjoyed painting both of these 'Halloween' based titles, but especially these Samba as I got some texture medium and its like painting in sandpaper! Gives the trainers a slight suede feel, but just love painting shoes of any description! Sherbet Fountain partially eaten and tipped with a proper powder 'sherbet' and Brut 33 with the plastic 'gold' lid left askew....just a little snap shot onto a teens life of an era.