All Of Our Yesterdays

Title: All of Our Yesterdays - Small Faces

Size: 44cm x 36cm approx

Materials: High pigment watercolour ink, mixed media on St Cuthberts Mill Bockingford Rough watercolour paper.

Description: Painting deliberately made to look like an expired Polaroid photo, with the same dimensions approx 4 times the size of an original polaroid. A series of trial and error experiments to get the bleached expired vintage look,and deliberately aged with creases and rusty like markings, 'hand' written note to mimic something from a scrap book, old photo album or box under the bed of precious memories.

A much larger 'Polaroid' (see pic below, its the same size as So Is The Sun), and really an expression of memories, slightly faded, slightly shabby but in thier glory in my mind...a beautiful Series 1 Lammy and mk 2 mini(I think, never remember models etc)...I REALLY love this one, just sums up looking back to me really, two icons sharing the same page in Brighton! Part of my vintage Polaroid series of Remembered Imaginings (Musings Blog about them here).