I Got Love//sold

Title: I Got Love  - Viola Wills

Size: UNFRAMED 10x12in image size 

Materials: India Ink, mixed media on Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel Paper

Description: In this sketch series simple elegant striking image of a soul girls silhouette producing a foot full of soul patches. Patches include, St Ives, Wigan, Twisted Wheel...keep trying to find time to edit more as I go along to use.

This is an original artwork NOT a print. It is created with a combination of hand drawn and inked image and digitally produced imagery, which I then float on a waxed paper to then rub down onto the pastel paper. The sketch series is an opportunity for me to experiment and play with digital and hand inking, as I like the way it works together, it opens new avenues for play and pattern.